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Technical competency Assessment

Cognitive intelligence is defined as the combination of verbal, numerical, and spatial abilities which includes visualizing, use of memory, word fluency, verbal relations, perceptual speed, induction, and deduction.

What is Cognitive Ability?

Cognitive Ability is the ability of the brain to carry out core tasks like thinking, memorizing, paying attention, visualizing, and interpreting the surroundings. Together these skills form Crystallized Intelligence and Fluid Intelligence in a person, which in turn forms General Intelligence (Cognitive Ability) in a person.

Effectiveness Of Technical competency Assessment

To make a cognitive assessment effective in choosing the right talent for a job role, it needs to accurately identify candidates from the talent pool who are likely to succeed at performing that job role. Once the assessment has been created for a particular job role, its effectiveness in selecting the right talent in an organization needs to be tested.

To have a cognitive assessment adapt in identifying the right talent we fine-tune the three parameters identified earlier: the assessment means score, difficulty index, and discrimination index.

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Across Industries

Use of Technical competency Assessment/aptitude tests has increased by 29% overall

Its usage during hiring has increased by 28% and during L&D by 101%. The increased usage during L&D is driven by the fact that high cognitive intelligence equals to high learning agility and as IT sector is constantly evolving, its important that the employees in this field are highly agile in learning to keep up with new technologies

Use of cognitive has increased by 411% in L&D

Cognitive assessments/aptitude tests are the most commonly used assessments in the pharma industry with 40% usage among all assessment tools. They have taken precedence over technical and psychometric with companies focusing more on subject matter knowledge and pharma manufacturing skills, which requires candidates/employees to have high cognitive abilities.

Usage of Technical competency Assessment/aptitude tests has increased by 207% overall

Increasing demand for financial analysts and wealth managers from the insurance industry has led to a sudden rise in usage of cognitive assessments/aptitude tests during the hiring and L&D. These roles require high data processing power and analytics skills which can be accessed via cognitive assessments.

Usage of Technical competency Assessment/aptitude tests has increased by 99% overall

The surge in usage is led by an increase in demand for consultants that can work across various industries and learn the tricks of the trade fast. This requires high brain processing power which can be easily tested via cognitive assessments.

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