Psychometric tests to help HR choose the best candidate.

What is a corporate psychometric test?

A corporate psychometric test is an assessment tool used by businesses to measure candidates’ cognitive abilities, personality traits, and suitability for specific job roles, ensuring optimal employee placement and performance.

Pick the tests that fit your organisation’s goals.

Five Personality Factor
Inventory [FPFI]

The Personality Factor Test quickly evaluates personality for hiring, team building, and leadership, aiding HR, managers, and clinicians in informed decision-making.

Compassion Index

Compassion assessment enhances workplace dynamics and well-being, shaping positive organizational culture.

Cognitive Competency Tests

Cognitive competency tests evaluate analytical, problem-solving, and linguistic skills, utilized across various sectors for hiring and evaluation.

Behavioral Competency Tests

Behavioral competence tests assess workplace interpersonal skills, aiding HR, managers, and workers in role suitability determination.

Benefits of Test

How will corporate psychometric tests benefit your organisation?

Improved Hiring Accuracy

Psychometric tests help identify candidates with the right skills and personality traits, enhancing the accuracy of hiring decisions and reducing turnover rates

Enhanced Team Dynamics

Psychometric tests help identify candidates with the right skills and personality traits, enhancing the accuracy of hiring decisions and reducing turnover rates

Personalised Development Plans

These tests provide insights into individual capabilities, enabling HR to design targeted development programs that align with employees’ unique strengths and growth areas

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ASSESS is the online psychometric assessment portal owned and maintained by NEA Life Pvt Ltd with the following provisions:

Our psychometric tools adhere to industry-leading standards for reliability and validity.

 These assessment tools are grounded in validated scientific theories and practices.

Big Five OCEAN Model

The OCEAN personality test, based on the five-factor model, measures openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism, offering valuable insights for talent management and remaining a popular tool in workplace assessments.

Kobasa's & Maddi's Mode

This Model evaluates your hardiness, focusing on three core components: Commitment, Control, and Challenge. Understand how you handle stress and adversity, and learn strategies to enhance your psychological resilience.

Roffey Park’s Model

This model helps assess key areas such as emotional intelligence, leadership capability, and organizational development. Perfect for professionals seeking to improve their management skills and drive organizational success.

Lazarus and Folkman (1984) Model

Our stress management assessments, inspired by the Lazarus and Folkman (1984) Model, help you understand your coping strategies and develop effective techniques to manage stress and enhance resilience.


This model benchmarks your competencies against recognized qualifications, helping you identify areas for improvement and ensuring you’re equipped for the demands of your chosen field.


Our assessments, based on the General Aptitude Test Battery (GATB), measure various cognitive abilities such as verbal, numerical, and spatial skills. This comprehensive approach helps identify your strengths and potential career paths, enabling informed decisions about your future.

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Do career assessments genuinely help in choosing a career?

Yes, career assessments can guide one to understand their capabilities, interests, and skills, based on which they can choose a suitable career option or be provided with suitable career choices.

Career assessments are always helpful in understanding the potential a person carries in a specific area. With experience and developed skills, a person may become more suitable for work other than a routine task. In such situations, career assessments are found to be very useful for reskilling or redeployment, adding to job satisfaction and increasing employee retention rates.

The most appropriate age to start career guidance can be considered from the age of 12. However, an individual of any age can take career guidance tests to understand their career path.

Certain norms must be followed during assessment construction to create a standardised test. The tests developed at NEA Life Behavioural Science Research Center follow strict statistical norms, making them both reliable and valid over time.

The in-depth research work at NEA Life Behavioural Science Research Center assures the stability of the test over time, which means that our predictions for a person’s performance rely on a stable and firm research-grounded test.

Psychometrics is the standardised scientific method for measuring a person’s cognitive abilities and behavioural style. This becomes very important as this information can be used to recruit a person based on their suitability for the job role, based on required personality characteristics and aptitude (cognitive abilities).

These are tests that evaluate cognitive abilities and personality characteristics such as attitude, motivation, interest, needs, emotional intelligence, and other related features of an individual.

Career assessments are specially designed psychometric tests that evaluate specific mental abilities and personality characteristics for a particular job role. They help avoid the costly judgment errors that can occur while assessing a person’s suitability for a given position, relying on their CV or interview alone.

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