Smile Scale Evaluation

Smiley scale feedback is an exception from other general feedback methodologies in a fundamental way: they convey emotion.

Because of this, Smile feedback delivers an intuitive technique for collecting feedback related to employee performance that exceeds language limitation. When we see a face, we have a tendency to inherently connect that response with an emotion: happiness and satisfaction, or discontent and dissatisfaction.

A selection of smiley faces provides respondents a quick and easy way to rate feedback. By making it really simple for employees to respond, on the basis of responses the organization can improve employee satisfaction, increase profitability and employee loyalty

Understanding What Is Smile Scale Feedback & Its Benefits

  • Smiley face survey is a visual means of sharing feedback, opinion, and experience.
  • This survey can be used to measure the satisfaction level and the extent of likingness.
  • Smiley faces communicate emotions and is frequently used in employee feedback surveys.
  • They are easy to use and fast to answer, and so are a huge success among both survey creators and respondents.
  • Smiley rating question or emoji survey has a response system based on a 5-point rating scale, which is proposed to represent sentiments from negative to neutral to positive.

Need Of The Organizations

It provides qualitative and quantitative data that can be analyzed on a departmental and company-wide basis.

It reinforces the link between competencies, behaviors, and values that are essential for the job role.

Employees are provided with a sound understanding of their strengths and weaknesses that successively offers them a basis for development.

It promotes the company’s commitment to employee development which is a great recruitment and retention tool.

It provides a fair and transparent practice that inspires an open culture that values feedback

Who Are The Participants

  • Sypervisor
  • Eemploye


There is no denying the actual fact that employee performance analysis is crucial for growth. It helps in understanding the perspective of employee self-growth and organization growth. An organization can take corrective steps based on the responses made by the employees and managers in their feedback. Many innovative techniques have been developed to get immediate employee evaluation feedback. 

Smiley face scale is one of the simplest and easiest techniques to know the heart of the company. 

Brief and Sweet
The smiley face feedback is a sweet way to collect feedback but also the shortest way to collect valuable employee performance evaluation feedback. The whole process becomes a lot easier for the employees.

Track and Measure
Every employee performance analysis feedback through a emoticon face rating scale offers you a measurable score. You can track it and gain actionable insights for the upcoming future.

Employee satisfaction
Happy and satisfied employees will stay longer with the organization and become valuable assets to the company. These employees are real pillars of organization they grow with the company.

Quantitative and qualitative Data
This scale provides qualitative and quantitative data regarding the employee performance. It aids to make further decisions for the employee and organization growth.

Motivate the Staff
This creates a healthy competitive environment among the teams and motivates staff to perform better.So, the simple straightforward technique of smiley face performance analysis feedback can serve various purposes to enhance employee experiences, employee engagement, and business development