The Stream Indicator

Just as the first wave of Corona was receding and schools would reopen, the second wave stepped in and blew up all the systems. The government has announced that Maharashtra Board class 10th exam 2021 has been canceled and students will be promoted to class 11th on the basis of previous test marks. However, with the cancellation of the matriculation examination, a new and bigger problem has arisen for students and parents which is “What would be the basis to decide the stream while taking the admission for high school?” 

Though it is 2021, we see most of the students and their parents decide career stream (branch for further education) according to the range of marks in their 10th grade. Not one of the new examples is that if a student has secured 80% and above marks, she/he tends to choose Science stream instead of Commerce or Arts. 

I would like to share one recent example here, 

A 16-year-old,  Nikhil,  is in 10th std. He has decided to become an Aeronautical Engineer since he had attended a session of one successful Aerospace Engineer in his school. Ever since that session, he is very much curious and excited about this career and waiting to complete his 10th std to take admission in the science stream to pursue his dream career. As his parents see that he is very much keen and passionate about this career option, they have decided to support his decision and see him become a successful Aeronautical engineer. 

As a career counsellor three questions arise here in my mind:

  • At the very beginning stage of the career is it really important to choose the final career option?
  • Would the decision announced by the government regarding exam cancellation and promoting students to 11th class and choosing any stream or career on the basis of that decision be a REALISTIC decision?
  • Is the interest shown by Nikhil in his dream career, his Tested Interest?

There are so many such questions here to think about and so many factors which influence students’ stream selection decision such as, 10th-grade marks, parental pressure, relatives’ influence, trending careers, applying for the same career as their friends, influence of their idols, etc.  These are not wrong factors to be considered, but they are not valid, authentic, well-founded and rational ways to finalize the stream. 

The question to think about is “What are the right methods to consider one’s stream after 10th grade?”

  • ttention to your passion/areas of interest- Think about your area of interest. What are you passionate about? Jot it down on paper. Of course there could be more than just one entry. Jot them all down. After that, make the list shorter. Eliminate entries other than the ones you really care about. At last, you will be left with one entry that you are most passionate about.
  • Know and understand the streams inside out- It is necessary to grab as much details about the streams as possible. Find out details like education boards, important subjects, career paths available, scope and difficulty level.
  • Scope and Possibilities related to a stream- Analyze each stream and check out career prospects associated with it. Some streams give access to diverse job opportunities. The key is to find out what the future in that field will be like. Will its demand reduce in the future? Is it highly vulnerable to recession? You must try to find answers to these questions.
  • Give attention to your Aptitude, Strengths and Personality- One must be realistic while making a choice regarding streams after 10th. Adequate attention must be given to one’s aptitude. If you are very weak in science subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology), you will have a tough time facing the subjects present in science stream! This is why choosing a stream according to one’s aptitude is necessary.

So to help, support and guide you through the above-mentioned points making use of psychometric assessment like Career after 10th Assessment can give the student detailed insight about his/her Tested Interest, Abilities, adjustment levels, and personality characteristics and lastly Stream, which are important because the stream that has been selected by a student, to an extent, will influence the professional course that he/she will pursue after completing 11th and 12th standards. And the professional course, in turn, will decide the career that he/she may build after graduation or higher education.