Our area of services are broadly divided into three sectors.

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Driving Industry Trends

We provide online guidance tests for students of all ages We know how busy students’ lives can be, but getting them thinking about their futures now might make a big improvement to their lives. That’s where we come in – we can help students with the best educational and career psychometric tests available. We work with schools and also with individual students, helping with school subject choices and getting to know the job market.

Step One’s online psychometric tests, designed specifically for students, offer an unparalleled opportunity to explore direction, opportunity, and untapped potential.

 NEA Corporate

The biggest challenge faced by corporate recruiters is finding candidates who have the required technical skills and soft skills that will help them work with existing teams. Recruiters need to use an objective and unbiased assessment method to evaluate the personality, behavioral and cognitive skills of the candidates. NEA’s Psychometric test can help the recruiters get an overall picture of the candidate’s skills, abilities, and other motivating factors. These scientifically designed psychometric assessment tools can also help career counselors in understanding the interest and personality of the candidate to find the best career path.

Core Corporate Functioning

Executive Function Evaluation

Pre-recruitment Assessment

Campus Hiring Assessment

Personality Assessment tool

Integrity Assessment/ Value Orientation

Quality of work Life Index

Employee Happiness matrix

Emotional Intelligence Test

Performance Management System

 NEA Life psychometric tools for schools and colleges.

Career Mapping System

We provide guidance to the students in choosing the subject/stream that is best according to their abilities

Career After 10th/ 12th

We provide We help students in choosing the right subject after 10th and choosing an appropriate subject best suited for them after 12th.

Personality/ Adaptability

We offer different tests and tools for the assessment of the personality and adaptability of students.

Stream Indicator

We have designed tools that help students choose the appropriate stream through the stream indicator.

Aptitude testing

We have different test series that conduct the aptitude test of students and provide results.

Job Readiness for Students

We provide a training facility for MBA and engineering graduate students which makes them ready for the future job opportunities.


For government organizations online assessment technology-based scientific recruitment and certification exams and also certification for skills development.

Skill Gap Analysis

Job role-specific corporate role assessment on Behavioral, Skills & Ability and domain knowledge assessment. 

Entrance Exams

Combination of Behavioral Skills, Abilities, and job-specific competencies for the errorless hiring process.

Pre-recruitment exams,

 Assessment of Higher mental abilities to forecast the Managerial skills and abilities. 

Certifications etc.

 Industry-specific Job-based objective and standardized assessment to hire the best talent