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Career Is Not Just A Career It Your Life Style

Career is the crucial part of life as it changes your present and future. Take the right choice for your bright future with the help of psychometric tools. 

Career Guidance

Career guidance is important to choose the right path for us. It also contributes to emotional and physical well being.

Career after 10th

NEA Life Assessment for Career Guidance  helps you make the RIGHT career choice by giving you instant career recommendation along with highlighting your strengths abilities, career interests and personality.

Career after 12th

Choose your right stream after the second academic milestone with NEA Life Career after the 12th Assessment program which helps you to identify a stream aligned with your true potential.

Career Mapping System

This tool provides a degree of match between the candidate’s interest and the career he/she wants to pursue.

Personal Adaptability

It measures individuals on the four scales of Home Adjustment, Health Adjustment, Social Adjustment and emotional.

Career Stream Indicator

This tool provides a degree of match between the candidate’s interest and the career he/she wants to pursue.

Development assessment

Creates deep understanding of a child’s achievement at every milestone of physical, mental, language, social, and emotional growth


An IQ test measures the range of a person’s cognitive abilities, scores indicate an individual’s intellectual level and potential

Cognitive Functioning

Cognitive function is an umbrella term for various functions like knowledge acquisition, reasoning.

Hyperactivity, Autism, ASD, ADHD

Hyperactivity is a state of excessive movement than normal eg. fidgeting, jumpiness, etc.

Learning Difficulties

Learning difficulty is known as the barriers to classroom learning. It interferes with literacy, skill development, ability to focus.

 Behavioral and Emotional

Get a predictive analysis based on Standardized emotional and behavioral assessment.

Becks Youth Inventory, Personal Adjustment

Behavioural and emotional interventions help individuals to eliminate negative behaviours which interfere in day to day working of individuals. Quickly screens for depression and emotional adaptability in children and adolescents.