It’s never too late to make a “big career” move. Everyone knows about a successful bollywood actor Boman Irani” who started his bollywood career at the age of 41, who actually worked many years as a waiter, then as a photographer. With acting having been a passion for him during his school and college, he started getting trained while working as a photographer in the mid 80’s. Now everyone knows that, he has shook the bollywood industry with his powerful acting skills that make him legendary. This is the great example we have which shows that, when we link passion and proficiency, a whole bundle for building a passionate career is made, no matter at what age we are.

How passion plays a role in career

We have always heard “You should follow your passion when it comes to finding a career”. Passion is one of those words that people often use without really understanding the original meaning of it. But it takes time and experience to find one true passion. Our passion in life must be the reason for pursuing a goal that is leading us to our aspiration.

Mark Zuckerberg had worked tirelessly towards a sole aim of using technology to bring people together. It has been his passion towards this objective that kept him going despite failures. As we consider passion to be of utmost importance, proficiency also plays a crucial role in career success.

How proficiency is important in career

Proficiency is interchangeable with capability, potential or ability, It decides if we have the way to accomplish something. A person must have the needed skills or potential to obtain the skill set to complete the task. Proficiency is the actual skill set we can use in our academic, curriculum or at the workplace. It can be anything such as public speaking, management, speed of work with accuracy, it can be math, arts and creativity or sports. We always get opportunities to learn new skills whether we are studying, or doing a job. We should think practically and logically while determining the skill set we will need to succeed, when it comes to making career choices out of our passion.

How proficiency and passion complement each other when building a career.

When we have passion for a particular career and also the proficiency, it makes a perfect package of a growing and successful career. Passion is a natural source whereas proficiency is  a skill set which can be learned or developed. Passion is having an inherent and all-consuming interest in something. Proficiency is something that we either have a natural knack for or something we can learn after practice/training.

Lets understand with the following example

Raj is highly passionate about confectionery, and also has some mad baking skills.  That passion may have led to acquiring great skills that can be leveraged into having an amazing career.

Some of the points to strike a balance between Passion and Proficiency

  • Do think about your values
    and consider the ways you can be involved in roles that honor your values. Eg: if your passion is teaching and you value literature, you can consider teaching literature  as your career.
  • Try not to stress over money
    and explore the vocations you are interested in without making assumptions about your future income. Can take a volunteer role or unpaid internship to explore a career you’re curious about.
  • Do consider what you’re good at,
    do not disregard the talent you have, and consider how it fits in with your passion.
  • Do consider what electrifies you,
    what part or aspects of your hobbies gives you more happiness, Pondering this will help you sort out your priorities.


To conclude, it can be said that, passion alone does not necessarily lead to a successful career but,  integrating proficiency can make it a fulfilling one.

Article by –
Dipali Raut

NEA Life, Pune