Psychometric Foundation (Basic of Psychometry)




Using psychometric tests to shortlist job applicants or to assist in development, coaching and career counselling has become commonplace. Psychometric testing adds more information to the overall assessment process. However, that information is meaningless if the test chosen is not the right one for the situation or if a well-developed test is used incorrectly because of a lack of training and competence on behalf of the test administrator. In view of this, NEA Life’s expert organizational psychologists provide world-class psychometric training courses in the following signature courses:

Introduction to Psychometric Testing Course Objectives:
-To learn and apply models and theories of psychometric assessments
-Introduction to statistical methods in psychometric assessments
-To create fundamental insights in psychometric assessments
-To explore the academic and business side of assessments

Benefits of the course :
Hands on training
Learn from the eminent experts from the field
Get expert in the area of psychometry
Get expertise in the most applied side of psychometry.

Duration of the course: 40 hours
Timing – 4pm 6pm

Who can enroll for this course?
-Mental health professionals
-M.A. students


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