Pre Recruitment Assessment

Pre-Recruitment assessment helps your company to identify the candidates most likely to perform well on the job and can lead to additional company benefits.

Pre- recruitment assessment measures following domains

Benefits of Pre- recruitment assessment 

  • Higher productivity
  • Increased employee retention and reduction in costs associated with turnover (e.g., hiring and training costs)
  • More efficient, less time-consuming hiring process
  • Increased defensibility of the hiring process through the use of objective, validated metrics
  • Reinforces a complete organization by expanding the probability that unused workers will be effective in their positions.
  • Pre-employment testing can offer assistance arrangements between the representative choice handle and wanted commerce results such as lower turnover, expanded sales, and higher client fulfillment.

Use of Pre-recruitment tests

  • Tests help companies determine which applicants are most qualified (and suitable) for a particular job role.
  • These tests evaluate the candidates’ suitability for a particular role through job-knowledge tests, personality traits, intelligence, and physical ability.