NEA life exclusive Counseling Skill Certification Course

in association with the Maharashtra State Skill Development Society.

Nea life exclusieve Counseling Skill Certification Course

Counselling Skills Course enables an individual to learn each counselling skill in detail to be able to provide “mental first aid” to an individual. Counselling in various areas such as child and adolescent, family and marriage, corporate etc helps people to study and practise several counselling strategies. Through various counselling courses, NEA Life aims at providing the necessary toolkit to individuals who wish to become counsellors and help people change their lives.

The foundation skill course covers fundamental skills needed for a person to become an effective counsellor. The child and adolescent counselling course helps people to be able to work as assistant counselors in schools, non-government organizations working with children and functionaries in child care institutions. In the family and marriage counselling skill course, an individual will be able to work as a family counselor in family counseling clinics and as a grass – root community counselor. The School and career guidance counselling skill course will enable learners to work as school counselors, career & guidance counselors in colleges and educational institutions. The corporate counselling course will aid individuals to work as counselors in health resorts, spa, multinational companies, Human Resource Development sectors.

Career Guidance and Counselling Course

NEA Life Institute of Behavioural Science presents

Career Guidance and Counselling Course

Choosing a suitable career from a sea of employment opportunities can often be quite overwhelming for an individual.

Child & Adolescent Online Counselling Course

Working with Children and adolescents is an exquisite area for professionals. This course is designed 

Corporate counselling course

Corporate counseling is done to help employees reduce their level of stress at the workplace. Corporate counselling tries 

Marriage and Family Counselling Course

Our comprehensive curriculum includes the foundational courses of Marriage and Family Counselling, Course participants gain the knowledge

Counselling Foundation Course

Nea Life In Association With Maharashtra State Skill Development Society Coming Up With The Counselling Skills Foundation Course.

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Let’s Work Together

We are happy to announce our Counseling Skill Certification Course 2021 in association with the Maharashtra State Skill Development Society. Counseling Skill Certification Course is a well-established program designed to help users develop and get certified in specific counseling skills.