COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we used to look at life. The new normal has also changed the way we used to look at career and occupational choices. I remember an incident shared by a senior tech expert in a workshop on “Use of technology for futuristic workforce” in 2012. The expert was supposed to travel from the USA when his son came to know about the topic, he smiled at him and asked, “Why are you traveling?” This is how a millennial generation perceives the applicability of technology and this also reflects in their career aspirations.

That got me a hint about how the young generation thinks when it comes to choosing new careers and jobs. The newer generation wants a career that will use their full potential and at the same time make them feel satisfied.”

Choosing a career is the most important decision to take in life, it is much more than deciding what a person will do for a living. Traditionally, a “career path” was labeled as a linear journey with people working in the same organization for around 30 to 40 years and eventually retiring. The percentage of taking up new careers was somewhat lesser than what it is today. Without the rush of the internet and social media, awareness regarding diverse careers was limited.

But since the advent of technology, and digitalization rising at a rapid pace, things have taken a different turn with regards to career and jobs. This is the generation of numerous individuals who have divergent interests and passions. A couple of decades back, most people did not think about careers that were out of the “conventional” tag. As technology is changing, the world has created various platforms for new and upcoming careers.

Some careers that were frowned upon earlier, but now have been accepted by society are:

Reviewers :

Movie reviewers, restaurant reviewers, electronic gadgets reviewers, cloth reviewers, cosmetic brand reviewers. 

Youtubers and youtube content creator:

Movie reviewers, restaurant reviewers, electronic gadgets reviewers, cloth reviewers, cosmetic brand reviewers. 


Food, travel, music, lifestyle, fitness, sports.

  • Stand-up comedians
  • Personal shopper/buyers
  • Ethical hackers: Web application hacking, social engineering, system hacking, hacking wireless networks, web server hacking.
  • Cryptocurrency: Cloud computing services
  • Internet of things
  • Fashion styler: E – retailer
  • Freelance video editor
  • Professional gamer
  • Memer
  • Storytellers

Why do people choose less conventional careers at this age?

Nowadays, people are discovering new talents and aptitudes for certain “out of the box” careers, they seem to have developed a curiosity about more modern and creative options. People have started exploring new age lucrative careers which will value/make use of their interests and ambitions more than their abilities.

They do not want to get stuck in a 9 to 5 grindthey want a little bit more from their job/career.

The age group from the 20s to 30s are not much inclined towards working long hours and having a lack of social life. That is why, the young crowd is especially conscious about achieving a good work-life balance, and by choosing unconventional roads they can achieve the same. It is very easily possible to start a new career as there are many platforms that have become open and which support a number of unorthodox careers.


 People, especially young ones, want to “rejuvenate” their careers. They want to be able to showcase their talent and abilities in a unique way. 

 A good career not only pays the bills but also makes you jump out of bed every morning.

Working in unconventional jobs may be satisfying but choosing an innovative career is not a very easy task, there are some downs to it as well. On accepting offbeat careers, there come some hindrances. Those may come in form of a lack of guidance for a particular career, societal norms, there might be a lack of a proper platform to showcase your knowledge.

Thinking out of the box is truly the mantra of today!

But with hard work and diligence, a different and new career can be rewarding. Individuals today have much more flexibility and many more options to choose from. 

Offbeat, uncommon & unconventional career choices are here to stay. Conventional

jobs like that of doctors, engineers, teachers will continue to flourish, but with the changing global dynamics and creation of new verticals, there are quite a number of unconventional career options that might seem difficult to begin with but will be rewarding in the long run. 

Aditi Vange,


NEA Life, Pune