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Globally 1-in-7 people are going through one or more mental health illnesses.


Mental Health Assessment measures an individual’s own abilities to cope with different stressors of life, emotional regulation, productivity and maintaining healthy relationships with others. 

Mental Health Assessment Model

Perceived job stress  is defined as an imbalance between an individual’s capabilities, resources or needs of the individual and actual demands and available resources at work. The analysis of perceived job stress helps in identification of different sources which might lead to experience of stress at work. 

Perceived stress is an experience/perception of imbalance between demand on the person and his or her ability to cope. This imbalance gives rise to the experience of stress, and to the stress responses including different psychological, physiological and behavioral symptoms. 


Perceived social support is an individual’s perception of his/her own ability to establish meaningful relationships at work or otherwise and his/her perception of their availability (proximal or distant) and adequacy. 

Dysfunctional attitudes: Dysfunctional attitudes are dysfunctional thought processes that may lead to maladjustment, extreme emotional experiences and behavioral dysfunctions. 

When to consider a Mental Health  Assessment

Mental Health  Assessment is used to assist in the evaluation of an individual’s mental well being. A mental health screening is a  primary care provider to determine whether you need to see a mental health practitioner. 


  • Continuous feeling worry or fear
  • Mostly feel sad
  • Observe changes in personality, eating habits, and/or sleeping patterns
  • Mood swings
  • Anger, frustration, or irritability
  • Fatigue and lack of energy
  • Confused thinking and trouble concentrating
  • Feelings of guilt or worthlessness
  • Avoidance of social activities

Mental Health Assessment Benefits

  • Diagnose individuals on Affective, Physiological, Behavioural,Cognitive well being. 
  • Identify symptoms and problems
  • Aids mental health professional in creating a mental health treatment plan
  • Helps in decision-making
  • Identify the client’s strengths
  • Examine progress
  • Promote positive changes

Test consist of 120 statements

Administration time 20 mins to complete