Job readiness assessment for management trainees

Competencies are the skills required for any career selection, it helps you to select the right career based on individuals strengths. If individuals have required Competencies for the chosen profession there are high chances of success and satisfaction in professional life. Hence here an individual will be assessed on his/her Competencies that are required for MBA specializations.

Competencies like:

  • Speed and accuracy 
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Decision Making 
  • Problem solving 
  • Logic Reasoning, 
  • Communication
Test Duration 45 mins
Test Language English / Marathi

The Importance of Behavioural Assessments

NEA Personality Assessment is an innovative, evidence-based assessment that measures relevant personality traits required for critical work. It helps predict behavioural competencies, which in turn, lead to organisational outcomes of interest. It is designed to help individuals gain access to objective information about her/himself, and which is critical in influencing her/his behaviour at future work. Hence personality plays an important role in career selection of an individual.

The Career Oriented Personality Traits are:

  • Emotional Stability
  • Sociability 
  • Openness to experience 
  • Agreeableness 
  • Dutifulness
Test Duration 20 mins
Test Language English

Who can use this test?

  • Graduate Students 
  • Management Institutes /Trainees 
  • Switch career in the management field 


  • Internet version, fast and accurate
  • Can be completed at your house or any place with internet access
  • Quick to take.
  • Flexible: Use one-on-one or in groups
  • Matches Competencies and personality traits
  • Online generated report. 


  • Synchronises Competencies and personality to help you choose a better career 
  • Identifies your potential and help select specialization in management field
  • Identify appropriate occupational interest with reference to career domain
  • Suitable career suggestions for MBA specialization. 
  • Helps Batchelor students explore career paths in management 
  • Helps college students clarify their career direction and make informed decisions in selecting coursework
  • Helps individuals obtain clarity in their future career path and to understand if they have the desired Competencies and work values that will support their new career path.
  • Helps individuals with career crises to switch their careers using standardized measures.