Job Readiness Assessment For Engineering

The Job readiness test evaluates the right skill sets, competencies, and personality traits required for all the engineering fields and relevant job roles

What is the Job Readiness Assessment?

Job Readiness involves an awareness of your strengths and areas for growth. The Job readiness test evaluates the skill sets, competencies, personality traits, technical skills, communication, reasoning skills and behavioral tendencies required for all the engineering fields and relevant job roles, especially for the first breakthrough in career. It is designed and developed for providing Online Assessment Service to individuals, Students to gain employable skills on course completion, organizations to hire job-ready candidates.

Why assessing skills are important

Examining job candidates on skill assessment tests is a common step in the hiring process that helps employers choose and hire the best candidates. Assessing skills is one of the best ways to determine whether a candidate is a good match for the job position you are looking to fill. Determines candidates’ cultural fit more effectively. An employee’s skills can provide relevant information on a candidate’s ability to perform well in a specific job role and can provide valuable insights and capture the gradations between candidates who seem to have the same education and experience.

Why assessing personality is important

Considering a job candidate’s personality can help employers to determine if a candidate has the right adaptability for their work environment. knowing the personality traits of a candidate predicts how an individual will work diligently, intelligently, cheerfully cooperatively and also  how the candidate is proficient  to handle workplace stressors. 

Applications of the Assessment

This test aims to assess the candidates on their job readiness level, competencies they have achieved throughout the academic, and suitability for various jobs in their specialized field. This brings an effective use in hiring final year engineering students from different engineering fields and candidates who are 0-1 year of work experience across the fields. The recruitment team can use this as an evaluation and screening tool This tool is designed to assess the candidates’ suitability level for a specific job role and also helps to select the right candidates according to your organizational needs.

Benefits of the Assessment

Make your hiring best:
Through this assessment, you can select highly skilled candidates and perfect personalities match to fit and succeed in the role 

Accomplish Your organizational needs:
Fulfill the needs of your organization’s vacant positions as it will give you job role suitability results and give you a complete profile of the candidates which suit your organization best.

Accelerate your recruitment process:
You will be able to focus on where it matters, develop an accurate and efficient recruitment process, and speed up your search for exceptional candidates. 

All in one:
With the use of this assessment, you can hire candidates from various engineering branches.