Job-Based Modular Assessment

Job-Based Modular Assessments provide a wide range of jobs and industries to let you screen candidates on the basis of their aptitude, cognitive abilities, and specific skills that fits your hiring needs.Across a variety of roles such as sales, hospitality, operation, customer support, and many more

Sales Executive Assessment

A channel sales representative would be required to associate with partners and channel partners to advance expanded offerings, subsequently will need to enjoy broad organizing, arranging, and collaboration.

Sales Manager Assessment

sales manager’s assessment makes a difference in screening and choice of the correct sales managers who center on the activities and abilities, altogether making a contrast in your organizations sales victory

Consumer care representative

Customer care selection test is specially designed to the level of specialized and professional aptitudes required for the part of agreement to industry standard.

Customer Service Manager

Customer Service Manager’s test will assist you to distinguish the individual who has the leadership qualities essential to coordinate the work of others and make a client-oriented culture.


Finance Manager Assessment

Finance Manager Assessment measures the adequacy of finance managers towards money related to control, budget and asset allotment, and diminishing returns to maximize working capital for commerce development.

Accounting executive assessment

Accountant and finance selection test is appropriate for enlisting candidates with 0-1 year involvement with a degree of single men of commerce, trade organization, and articles from proficient courses like chartered account for entry-level parts.

Operation Manager Assessment

Operations Manager assessment makes a difference in assessing a candidate’s aptitudes in proficiently overseeing the smooth running of commerce which includes arranging, obtaining and acquiring, supply chain administration, and dispersion of assets, etc.

Operation Executive Assessment

Operations executive test evaluates candidate’s capacity in technical skills, job-related knowledge, his behavioral and cognitive abilities.

HR Executive Assessment

The HR executive assessment Test is Utilized for Recruitment and selection of the right candidate for a human resources executive profile, Talent maximization of a company, and Identify preparing and improvement Areas.

HR Manager Assessment

An HR Manager makes proficient and more choices, persuades representatives, relates well to others, lives up to commitments, and works for general organizational adequacy. The HR Manager Selection test is constructed to identify the competencies of the said job role.

Benefits of Job-Based Modular Assessment

1. Cost effectiveness
Since training activities and assessments in a competency-based approach are goal- oriented (i.e. they focus on areas identified as requiring performance improvement), employers don’t waste money or time on training the ‘wrong’ areas.

2. Efficiency
The transfer gap between the training environment and working on the job is reduced substantially in a competency-based approach. This is because training and assessment are relevant to a job.

3. Increased productivity
When employees are competent in meeting their work objectives, know what the performance expectations are and receive recognition for their abilities, they are usually more motivated.

4. Improved profitability
Rather than relying on employees remembering a vast amount of information, organizations can make information (e.g. guides, tutorials, and ‘cheat sheets’) available to employees on the job, as and when the information is required.

5. Reduced risk
Using a competency-based approach to training, development, and assessment, employers can create project teams of people with complementary skills. To do this, organizations record employees’ acquisition of skills, knowledge, safety and other procedures, and use this to identify and provide training and assessment for areas requiring development.

6. Increased customer satisfaction
Employees who have been trained and assessed using a competency-based approach are, by definition, able to perform the required tasks associated with a job. The knock-on effect is that they are able to provide high service levels, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.