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Career Guidance & Counselling For Students from 8th-12th class. Online assessment tools for assessing aptitude, personality and career interest. Read more
HR Tools for
Reduce hiring cycle time by up to 60% by using our AI Based Assessment Tools.Read more
Mental Health and
Counseling Services
Evaluate and condition the mental levels of your team and prospective employees using our online platform.Read more
Exams and
Create & Conduct online courses and examination quickly and effectively. using our online platform. Read more
Technology based
Automized Assessment
Online Assessment platform for multipurpose HR functions and other related tasks. Read more
Market Research & Custom Assessment Tools Conduct market research and create custom assessment tools. Deploy research quickly. Read more
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Our services are multi-facet and help every sector boost their efficiency.

Our online assessment platform can help education establishments impart better knowledge. Our services for the education sector include Ability/Aptitude, Intelligence, Behavioral And Personality, Learning Style, Development Assessment, Career Guidance, and Counselling. Connect with us to know more about them.
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Our platform can be used by Government-run organizations for enhancing their productivity. Our services for this segment include the Skill Gap Analysis linked with NSQF, Entrance Exams, Pre-recruitment exams, Certifications, etc.To know more, just give us a call.
Our platform can be used by any company or organization that wants a superior performing team. Our tools can help you manage and nurture your human resources in a better way. We provide Job-Based Modular Employability Assessment, Psychometric Assessment, Cognitive Skills Assessment, Per-recruitment Assessment, Mental Health Assessment, Happiness scales, Quality of work Life, Performance Appraisals, Employee Engagement Surveys, Give us a call to know more.

Technology based Automized Assessment For A Seamless Experience


Use our research based online assessment platform to screen candidates

Job based modular

Choose testing modules as per the KRA's you have in mind.


Tools for assessing behavioral traits of prospective employees.

Career Mapping
Assessment & Guidance

Online assessment platform for career mapping and career assessment.

Mental Health

Evaluate the mential health condition of your team.

Integrity &
value orientation

Test the emotional attachement and integrity of your team.

Create Highly Functional Recruitment and People Policies

Core Corporate
Functioning Assessment

Test the abilities of your team according to your business goals.


Screen candidates effeciently and effectively.

Job Based Modular

Choose testing modules as per the KRA's you have in mind.

Performance Management

Complete assessment platform for performance management.

Employee Engagement

Know what clicks and motivates your team.

Get The Best Mental Health and Counseling Services


Help fight depression and have a more productive team.


Let our tools help your team eliminate anxiety.

Self-destructive Behaviour

Get rid of habits that push back your personal and professional growth

Dysfunctional Attitude

Know the depression triggers and seek help curb them.

Anger, Aggression etc.

Learn to control your beahvioural traits. Be more productive.

Psychotherapeutic Interventions

Change your behaviour patterns and be more positive.

End To End Exams and Certification Solutions

Create Online
Question Forms

Our assessment platform let's you create test paper online.

Real Time Scoring
and Reporting

Conduct exams online and get instant results.

Customised Reporting

You get to choose the reporting formats and schedules.

Computer Based

Conduct exams online
without hassles


Take exam from
any smart device.

Use the Best Market Research and Surveys System Online

Problem Definition System

Our online assessment platform can help you define your research problem with ease.

Market Research Plan

Use our pre-created market research templates or build a custom one yourself with ease.

Data Collection

Collect accurate data using our online platform. Reduce sampling errors.


Get statistical reports with inferences on the go. Our systems generate reports that are easy to understand.

Zero Errors

Our systems ensure an error-free data collection. Get highly accurate raw data to use.

Actionable Intelligence

Our system provides you with logical inferences based on the data collected. Take calculated decisions and beat the competition.

Create Highly Customized Assessment Tools For Your Business


Create tools that you need. Save money and time.


Let your team learn what it needs. Reduce learning gaps and training time.

Increased productivity

Enhance work productivity and foster better communication.

Improved profitability

Boost your profits by teaching your team the skills that make them competitive and efficient.

Reduce Risk

When your team is technically sound they would take calculated risks. Knowledge is power.

Increased customer satisfaction

When you have a performing team then automatically you have more profits and satisfied customers.

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by connecting with our
experienced team.

Our expert will assist you in getting the best solution customized to your needs.

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For your very specific industry, we have highly-tailored solutions.

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