Happiness and quality work life assessment

The goal of Nea- life is to nurture wellbeing at large. With years of HR training experience, Nea-life believes that the active role of an employee’s mental state boosts the human capital of the organization. This highlighted the need for creating one product answering many questions. The inseparable relation between employee and organization is generally viewed only through one lens. Quality of work-life scale caters to fill in this gap. 

QOWL is a dynamic tool to re-examine multiple levels of work-life under one umbrella. The concise scale of 65 items analyses happiness at work through employees’ flourishing, contentment, and meaning in work. The scale empowers HR to convert employee’s devotion into the development of the organization. 

The Scales generates two base reports; 

E report enlightens employees with his energy sources that motivate them to work and highlights meaning in work while the O report assists the organization to understand employees’ overall contribution to organizational growth.  Tips provided in the O report guide organization to invest in nourishing the effective meaning of the employee. T report is a customized team report based on team performance and the organization’s mission and goal.

Why Quality Work-Life Assessment

Versatile happiness Scale

8 factors with separate scores

3 dynamic index

Employee focused report

Team reports

Organizational citizenship report

Test Questions = 80 Time: 20 min.