Career After 10th

This assessment will give a detailed insight about yourself and personalized information about your personality and most suitable or appropriate career clusters. Ultimately we want to help you discover the type of work that is right for you.

How will this report benefit you?

1.Gain a better understanding of your own interest, abilities and adjustment.

2.Identify career options consistent with your abilities and interests.

3.Helps to identify improvement areas for the suggested professions.

4.Helps you to choose appropriate education and training relevant to your career choices.

How it works?

Make the right choice


Career Stream Indicator

Understand your two dominant interests out of 5 vocational interests.


Ability Analysis

Out of nine different abilities, know your strengths.


Personal Adjustment

Understand your adjustment level on four core areas of life.


Profile Interpretation

Based on your performance get to know the best suitability and future career suggestion.

Scores on this assessment show Interest, Skills and Adjustment suggest that the individual has an inclination towards a field for example- Commerce and Arts/Literature, etc. This interpretation gives you the indicative career occupations for each of the career clusters and basic qualifications for the same.