Employee Engagement Survey

An employee engagement is a tool through which an employer or the management can know about their employees and how much they are involved in their work. This survey also indicates whether the employee in an organization are heard, valued and understood by their management.

What does an employee engagement Survey measure?

An employee engagement survey measures the level of engagement in employees of an organization. It also measures the areas in which employees lack engagement and needs to be developed further. Also it measures the level of dedication and passion employees have towards their work.

Characteristics of NEA Life Employee Engagement Survey


The EES model will show similar results and be consistent from person to person. 


This model measures the engagement levels of employees, as it is supposed to measure. 


 This scale is free of any subjective statements or does not impose them on the test taker.


It refers to the test being practical in terms of time needed, number of questions and length of the test.

Benefits of Employee Engagement Survey

  • An employee engagement survey helps the employer to tap in which areas are the employees more engaged in.
  • It helps to boost confidence in an employee and that of a team of employees.
  • Helps to increase productivity of an employee.
  • It indicates with increasing engagement, absenteeism and employee turnover is reduced.
  • Also, it promotes a happy and healthy work environment/culture.