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Employee Engagement skills

PMS is well blended corporate module makes performance evaluation simpler and highly effective for everyone. Designed in both continuous or periodic evaluation manner to encourage your business to grow.

Characteristics of NEA Life EES model are


The EES model will show similar results and be consistent from person to person. 


This model measures the engagement levels of employees, as it is supposed to measure. 


 This scale is free of any subjective statements or does not impose them on the test taker.


It refers to the test being practical in terms of time needed, number of questions and length of the test.

Benefits of EES

An employee engagement scale is beneficial for any organization. Not only can it measure the engagement levels of employees but it can also try to boost that level further. Also this scale helps the employee to get more expressive about some areas of that organization about which they have some issue. 

  • Work or company issues can be solved before they worsen.
  • Helps to build trust between the employer and the employees.
  • Helps the employer to know any grievances of her/his employees.