Get good marks so you can take up a better stream!

At the backdrop of COVID 19, life, for many people, has slowed down due to unemployment or businesses not taking the next gear etc. With others, students have also had their share of ups and downs, the best example would be cancellation of the 10th std exam. In the current scenario having a board exam for the 10th std students does not seem conducive that is why most students are being promoted with marks which might be misleading to them. 

We have heard parents say this to their children – “Get good marks in your 10th std boards so you can take up a better stream!”

10th std. marks have been the only point of focus when it came to choosing career streams which seem to be like an anchor when it comes to deciding future career. E.g. A child securing 90% marks was expected to pursue the science stream. The career choices that we make for ourselves are generally based on the marks we get and decide whether we have a happy and successful career and work life or not. 

In the past many students have chosen a career path based solely on the basis of their marks and ended up being not that happy in their career. Not making appropriate career choices is one of the barriers to the professional satisfaction of the individual. It sometimes gets us thinking whether a career choice should really be made based only on our marks or on our abilities and interests also. A career choice made keeping in mind our marks, as well as our abilities, goes a long way towards a satisfying career in the future.

According to the Hindustan Times and Times of India, 10th class students have either been cleared from giving the exams by giving them passing marks or the exam altogether has been canceled. All students have been cleared so that they will not have to wait for another academic year. Academic marks given to students might not be based on the exams but on the backdrop of the COVID pandemic. 


When we come to students making career choices based only on marks, marks allotted might turn out not to be that concrete and can be misleading, (in this pandemic scenario) making students think they can pursue a particular stream after 10th grade. To make decisions regarding career based on marks only might not be the wisest decision. Passion towards a career and proficiency for the career are different paths. Being passionate about a career is a liking toward that career but having proficiency means you also have skills and abilities for the same. 


Research suggests that career choices made based on personality attributes and interests and not only on marks make an individual have a satisfied work-life balance. Several career options are available to students after 10th and 12th grade. They also get exposed to a lot of information regarding career choices and some of that information can be confusing leading them to make the wrong career choice for them.

Advantages of choosing a career based on interests and abilities

  1. They remain motivated to stay committed to the organisation. Doing what is right for you not only gives satisfaction but also motivation to work further in that area. 
  2. When a person acknowledges their skills, they strive to improve those and use them to work better. 
  3. Having a better work life balance. Satisfaction in one’s work life percolates into having a good balance between personal and professional life. 

In conclusion, getting good marks in an examination is important but choosing a career stream only based on that is not conducive. Making use of scientific tools such as career indicators can give the child precise information about his/her skills, interests and abilities and help them to choose the right career for them. 

Aditi Vange


NEA Life, Pune