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Assessing and developing leaders and high-performance teams.

The person you are destined to be is the person you decide to be.

Customized Tool SJT (Situational Judgement Test)

SJT assesses 22 behavioral tendencies of a candidate’s judgment in a certain situation, which evaluates the most appropriate action in the workplace situations. Leadership competency

Behavioral Competencies Assessment for coporates

Evaluate and creates understanding of behavioral strengths.

NEALife Assement Library

Indegenious team of researchers of NEALife has developed 300+ assessments.


Behavioral, Skills & Ability based knowledge assessment for specific job roles

Pre-Employment Assessment

Combination of Behavioral Skills, Abilities, and Job-specific competencies for the errorless hiring process

Cognitive skills assessment

Assessment of a Higher mental abilities to the forecast the Managerial Skills and abilities

Job Based Modular Assessment

Industry-Specific Job-Based Objective and standardized assessment to hire the best talent

Performance Management System

Objective performance appraisals and management systems to give timely and effective feedback and appraisal of the employee

Employee Engagement Skills

An employee engagement survey measures the level of engagement, dedication and passion employees have towards their work.

Technical competency Assessment

Industry-specific customized technical competencies assessment

Happiness and Quality of work life assessment

Happier employees are productive employees. Assessment helps to understand the level and areas of employee happiness