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Do career assessments genuinely help in choosing a career?

Yes, career assessments can guide one to understand their capabilities, interests, and skills, based on which they can choose a suitable career option or be provided with suitable career choices.

Career assessments are always helpful in understanding the potential a person carries in a specific area. With experience and developed skills, a person may become more suitable for work other than a routine task. In such situations, career assessments are found to be very useful for reskilling or redeployment, adding to job satisfaction and increasing employee retention rates.

The most appropriate age to start career guidance can be considered from the age of 12. However, an individual of any age can take career guidance tests to understand their career path.

Certain norms must be followed during assessment construction to create a standardised test. The tests developed at NEA Life Behavioural Science Research Center follow strict statistical norms, making them both reliable and valid over time.

The in-depth research work at NEA Life Behavioural Science Research Center assures the stability of the test over time, which means that our predictions for a person’s performance rely on a stable and firm research-grounded test.

Psychometrics is the standardised scientific method for measuring a person’s cognitive abilities and behavioural style. This becomes very important as this information can be used to recruit a person based on their suitability for the job role, based on required personality characteristics and aptitude (cognitive abilities).

These are tests that evaluate cognitive abilities and personality characteristics such as attitude, motivation, interest, needs, emotional intelligence, and other related features of an individual.

Career assessments are specially designed psychometric tests that evaluate specific mental abilities and personality characteristics for a particular job role. They help avoid the costly judgment errors that can occur while assessing a person’s suitability for a given position, relying on their CV or interview alone.

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