What Cognitive Skills  testing measures?

Language and Communication

 It is the ability to detect errors in grammar, punctuation, and capitalization and how well one spells common English words to communicate effectively.

Verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning generally helps to understand the relationship amongst words it can be assessed for critical thinking, grammar, fluency, syntax, word and sentence comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, and interpretation.

Spatial reasoning

The ability to think visually geometric forms and to comprehend the two-dimensional representation of three dimensional objects.

Numerical Reasoning

Numerical reasoning tests include arithmetic, number sequences and simple mathematics including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and squaring, Analytical ability to make decisions, problem-solve and analyze information.

Abstract reasoning

Abstract reasoning is a non verbal  measure of how well individuals can reason with geometric figures and design to assess a candidate’s general intellect and ability to work out new concepts.

Perceptual reasoning

It is the ability to accurately interpret, organize and think with visual information. It measures nonverbal reasoning skills.

Speed and accuracy

This ability is perceptual activity primarily concerned with making rapid evaluations of features of visual stimuli.

Mechanical Reasoning

Mechanical Ability refers to an understanding of basic mechanical principles, simple machines, tools, electrical, and automotive facts.

Applications of Cognitive Skills  testing:

This application of Cognitive Skills can be used to help an individual or organization enhance performance, identify areas of currently untapped potential that can be explored and capitalized on in the workplace.

Training and development of the organization:

With the use of these measurements employees’ strengths and weaknesses can be revealed and required training can be provided to employees for organization development by understanding their cognitive abilities, work skills and how they match with current working standards.

Make your hiring more easier and faster:

Our online Cognitive Skills test gives you flexibility and immediate results to make your time focused on important aspects of recruitment, for easily shortlisting candidates who meet your organization’s work-specific needs.

Entry Level Hiring:

Measuring Cognitive Skills  of entry level students is critical to get to know if they have job-specific skills that match with your organization. The online Cognitive Skills  test gives you a platform to assess job oriented skills. This leads to bringing fresh and young talent with better and innovative ideas.

Benefits of Cognitive Skills

  • It will help in professional development, 
  • They are designed to reveal strengths and weaknesses of an individual, 
  • Cognitive Skills  testing are to improve the quality of hiring and promoting, 
  • They are easy and cost-effective. These tests give you comprehensive information on your area of improvement to get ahead in your career