Career Stream Indicator

This assessment will give you a detailed description of your preferred career streams. It is designed to help you understand yourself, your potential, and the tasks you would be interested in doing. This assessment presents various career recommendations.

Stream indicator model

1.Technical field

2.Health care and life sciences

3.Commerce and management

4.Arts and literature

5.Fine arts and creative stream

This Test Consists of Following Properties

Number of sections 5
Number of questions 150
Test duration 30 Minutes
Test language English / Marathi



  • Get to know your Tested interest area after 10 th
  • Helps Individual identify suitable career interest area.
  • Synchronises with your abilities and gives individual suitable career suggestion


  • Online fast and accurate testing
  • Can be completed at your house or any place with internet access
  • Quick to take.
  • Flexible: Use one-on-one or in groups
  • Matches abilities and interest for best career suggestion 
  • Online generated report.