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When you find a working environment that matches your interest areas, it leads to career success, job satisfaction and lower chances of career shifts. NEA Life’s Career Mapping Assessment model matches your fundamental interests with your work values and identifies your career personality based on six primary RIASEC codes. It also helps you to understand your strengths and what you will require to achieve future goals.

Primary RIASEC Codes

Offer you a well-researched and scientific system to explain what career choices will likely lead you to success. We explore your interests, skills, school subjects, work values & personality to outline your projected career path.

Realistic (Doers)

Investigative (Thinkers)

Artistic (Creators)

Social (Helpers)

Enterprising (Persuaders)

Conventional (Organizers)

How it works

NEA Life’s Career Mapping Assessment model is based on Dr. John Holland’s RIASEC theory for interest mapping to identify career streams and specializations that correspond to different personality types. It records the student’s likes and dislikes and scores them against six major interest areas, school subjects and work values. It also provides an insight about the particular subjects that are essential to study to get into any particular career.

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