It is the choices we make, that make us who we are! A phrase everyone must have heard or read at least once. What if I told you that this phrase is true? Let’s have a look.

A person’s life is made up of many aspects and contributing factors. Amongst these, the most important ones are our global  relationships (family, professional, spouse) and emotional wellbeing. There also are many factors that give us that sense of wellbeing. Self awareness, familial relationships are some of them. But the most important one is the career choices that we make at the right time. When a person is satisfied with their work, he/she harbours feelings of contentment which reflects in company productivity as well as day to day life.

All of us have heard many times that choosing an appropriate career at the right time can make you a successful person. A successful person does not mean a one who is financially independent but one who also is mindful about what work he/she does.

A career is not something that is limited to the 9 to 5 routine, rather it eventually becomes a lifestyle of that person. Individuals who make the right career choices seem to thrive and prosper more in their life compared to ones who might have just followed the trend.

Appropriate career choices and job satisfaction have major health effects on a person’s physical as well as mental health. Career choices and our work, when aligned, have a positive impact on self and our surroundings/other people. Not only will it affect the way one works, but also his/her personal life. A person dissatisfied with his/her jobs tends to carry the negative influence with them which reflects in their relationships and own emotional well being.

When an individual chooses a career that she/he is passionate about and able for he/she will be at peace and have a good work life balance. Making good career choices and taking up jobs in the same line helps a person to become mindful and more self aware.

There are many advantages of choosing a suitable career, here is a list to name a few :

  • Work commitments – Although commitment can seem directly proportional to the rewards/incentives employees get, employees who have made the right career decisions for themselves work commitment will always come first. Even under workload/work pressure, they will sustain and have a sense of commitment towards their work and ultimately their company.
  • Meeting company’s vision – Facing new challenges and growing through them makes an employee more motivated to prove themselves and do efficient work. When employees love the work they do, they can expend much more time cracking difficult deals. That sense of accomplishment can give them even more satisfaction and dedication towards their work.
  • Developing innovation – Institutions benefit when their people have a genuine interest in the field they work. In addition to day-to-day motivation, employees are more likely to see their work from a variety of perspectives and bring fresh ideas to the table. This is how innovation occurs. Having genuine interest in your career leads toward innovation in a career that you enjoy: You can strike out on your own or create a niche in your place of employment.
  • Work-life balance – Our career and the work one does affects the overall work-life balance. A good career choice definitely makes an individual have satisfactory work life balance. He/she would be better able to commit and fulfill all the needs personally and professionally.

Just like choosing the right career affects occupational (work) wellbeing, it also affects other aspects like emotional and social well being. 

  • Career and its impact on emotional well being –  Since our career takes up a significant portion of every day, it is quite natural that it will affect our emotional and mental well being. In case an individual finds he/she is not enjoying it there is a potential risk of developing work related depression, which might extend into personal life. 

    On the other side of the coin, making the right career choices can be highly beneficial for overall well being. Being excited about going to work everyday is the crucial factor for personal happiness. This is why it is always wise to follow a career path that suits your personal characteristics and interests. 

    Impact of right career on social well being – Empathy and social skills are social intelligence, the interpersonal part of emotional intelligence – Daniel Goleman

    Many people think that work life balance can be elusive. But to achieve the right balance takes tremendous effort. On the other hand, people who make the right career decisions for themselves are more likely to achieve the ideal work as well as personal life. This balance can become a support pillar for social and emotional wellbeing. 

    The sense of belongingness towards a society and building and maintaining healthy relationships can be called as social well being. Just like emotional well being, social well being too depends on many factors. One of the many and the most important one is occupational well being. Having made the right career choices and a job linear to that, increases one’s work satisfaction as well as overall satisfaction.

    To conclude, all people have a driving force in their lives. Every successful person would agree on that being their career success. One of the keys to live a peaceful and desired life is a sound and fruitful career. Financial independence and success are some deciding factors for a successful life. 

    With that being said, appropriate career choices, made at the right time and used in linear careers can make a world of difference in a person’s life!

Aditi Vange

NEA Life, Pune