Campus Hiring Assessment consists

Campus recruitment is crucial for companies who are seeking out new and youthful ability to fill profoundly specialized positions.

Pre- recruitment assessment measures following domains

Section A

Technical Assessment
Questions – 30 Objectives
Time – 6 Min (Maximum) 

Section B

Knowledgebase Assessment
Questions – 50 Objectives
Time – 10 Min (Maximum)

Section C

Personality / Behavioral Assessment

Section D

Cognitive Skills Assessment

The Benefits of Hiring Freshers

Fresh perspective and approach:

Fresher’s can definitely add a fresh and new perspective to solving different problems each day at the workplace.

Willingness to learn everything and grow: 

Fresher’s have the willingness and the ability to learn a number of things in a short span of time. They are capable of having an unwavering focus while learning a new technique and also possess better-retaining capacity. 

Easy to train and adapt:

Since freshers do not have any biases or expectations, it is easy for them to adapt to the company’s culture and values. And since they do not have previous exposure to a regular job, they can be trained as per the current job requirement

Open to feedback and improve:

They are open to feedback and suggestions offered by senior members in the team. They also show a keen interest to improve their performance in order to stay at par with their colleagues which significantly reflects the productivity of the company.

Can be helpful when hiring in large numbers: 

Tt is a good idea to target fresh graduates from different college campuses since the HR can hire the desired number of candidates at one go without having to conduct recruitment drives several times in a year.

Fresher’s fit into the company’s salary budget:

When hiring freshers, a company can set its own salary budget to pay them, which in most cases is less than the average salary offered to an experienced candidate which results in a companies reduced recruitment costs.