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Career choice & occupational wellbeing

Career choice & occupational wellbeing

Career choice & occupational wellbeing  At times, as a career counselor or individual, we see many people as our clients or in our know  complaining about their occupational environment, workplace stress, work they do, unable to manage...

Select your stream with realistic decision making

Select your stream with realistic decision making

The Stream Indicator Just as the first wave of Corona was receding and schools would reopen, the second wave stepped in and blew up all the systems. The government has announced that Maharashtra Board class 10th exam 2021 has been canceled and...

Make Intelligent Career decision in pandemic situation.

Make Intelligent Career decision in pandemic situation.

Current Scenario  COVID-19 has impacted immensely to the education sector of India. Though it has created many challenges, various opportunities are also evolved. The Indian Govt. and different stakeholders of education have explored the...

Don’t let marks be the deciding factor of your future

Don’t let marks be the deciding factor of your future

Get good marks so you can take up a better stream! At the backdrop of COVID 19, life, for many people, has slowed down due to unemployment or businesses not taking the next gear etc. With others, students have also had their share of ups and downs,...

Is IQ the only predictor of career success?: A Review

Is IQ the only predictor of career success?: A Review

Nowadays we see many kids talent hunt shows like Spelling Bee where young kids spell out complex long words within a minute. All of us think that these kids are very intelligent and it's likely to believe that these kids will lead successful lives...

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Sanobar Gadiwan

Absolutely loved the time I spent here for a month. Probably has got the best team of Psychologist and so much knowledge to take in. I loved how everyone was professional yet made me comfortable in the setting that I could learn and gain experience without any awkwardness or hassles. Everyone was so kind to help in every step of the training and the internship. Would love to work with them again in future if given a chance and would suggest every Psychology students interested in learning psychometric testing.

Anup Talwar

One-stop solution for any psychometric assessments, counseling solutions, CLR courses, Career counseling… in nutshell, almost every aspect of human psychology. The place is conveniently located near the German bakery with parking possibilities at the adjacent road. The receptionist is smiling and courteous. The staff is extremely proficient and knowledgeable. The place has dedicated counseling rooms for one-on-one sessions and an adequate hall with an AV system for professional courses. All Covid-19 precautionary measures followed as per Govt guidelines. They have excellent faculties with subject matter expertise and relevant field experience. True to my expectations, they have been very supportive in my endeavor and have gone the extra mile to support my group.

Aliasger Wagh

My life actually changed when I got my career advice from here. From just passing by Bcom and join family business, NEA life guided me as to how can I change my career and make a better life. Cheers to their team and efforts.

Sabiha Nazarally

It was a great experience with Nea life. The teaching faculty is well experienced and exhibits a professional approach towards its students. I would surely recommend Nea life to all new and existing students who aspire to the field of counseling.

Jibnur Inamdar

It is an amazing place…It was wonderful and knowledgeable experience to work with team NEA Life… I would like to thank NEA Life for giving me wonderful job opportunity. They have trained and experience staff… I would recommend this place to all the psychology students who are willing to take up the profession..


Address: 132 B, Plot No 2, University Road, Near Bank Of Maharashtra, Behind Bharatiya Charitryakosh Mandal, Pune, Maharashtra