360-“Every individual is dependent on valuable feedback to improve on oneself

  • 360-degree feedback is a tool that provides employees with assessments of their work-based behaviors coming from the standpoints of other employees who work with them.
  • It is entitled as 360-degree feedback because the responses are collected from all selected staff, the employees- their supervisors, their colleagues or their clients.
  • It helps to assess employees on “how you do things” instead of “what you do” #This kind off feedback results in a better-informed discussion.

Need Of The Organizations

According to a research done by Forbes, 85% of Fortune 500 companies use 360° feedback.


  • It provides qualitative and quantitative data that can be analyzed on a departmental and company wide basis.
  • It reinforces the link between competencies, behaviors and values that are required for the job role.
  • Employees get a sound understanding of their strengths and weaknesses which in turn gives them a basis for development.
  • It promotes a company’s commitment to employee development that is always a great recruitment and retention tool.
  • It’s a fair and transparent process that encourages an open culture that values feedback.
  • It  can increase the level and quality of communication within the team, leading to increased team performance
  • It provides self-awareness of individual strengths and weaknesses leads to improvements in work behavior and performance, which in turn contribute to greater overall team performance 
  • The feedback provides raters with greater insight and understanding into the values and behaviors that are important for team success

    Make the right choice

    Vital in Developing Performance

    Feedback is a technique that tries and facilitates an employee for his or her higher future. It’s constructive and general towards developing people.

    Support Continuous Learning

    Feedback is that the time wherever one will gauge gaps within the employee’s knowledge and inspire them to reveal areas wherever they will have deficits where they will improve.

    Employee Engagement

    Research studies say that staff performs better if workers get actively recognized for good work, and with correct guidance they will be doing higher in their professional life.

    Improve Relationship between Staff

    Feedback helps the manager to build a positive relationship with their Staff. 360° also offers an opportunity for interactions to grow and opens up communication channels between employees.

    Induce Motivation and Assertiveness

    Feedback motivates staff to try to do higher on their job. It provides a vision of capabilities in achieving and helps them illuminate the trail to urge there.

    Career Development

    Feedback supports the total method of development. Before feedback the initial stage helps to guide the staff, figuring out shortfalls in their knowledge and finding out where they may need training, training, learning and development.

    Who Are The Participants

    The above image shows the 360 degree feedback of an employee based on reviews from peers, subordinates, customers, managers & different team members  

    This feedback system comprises the employee’s manager, peers, and direct reports. A mix of various employees fills out anonymous online feedback on a broad range of workplace competencies.


    • Enhancing Self-knowledge
    • Define Behaviors
    • Measures How Things Get Done
    • Promotes Dialogue and Communication
    • Develops Working Relationships
    • Encourages Personal Development
    • Increases Accountability