NEA Life services

Various Psychotherapy Training

  • Existential therapies (includes logo therapy etc.)
  • REBT
  • CBT
  • Art base therapy
  • Dance moment therapy
  • And many more

Walk in services for Psychological Assessments, I intervention, Counselling.

NEA Life PAI Pune, provides psychological services as mention below, for better wellbeing of the individual. The sessions are based on prior appointment. With the diagnoses, we even provide intervention services.

Psychological assessments and diagnostic evaluation (Behavioural and mental health problems)

Clinical interviews, psychological assessment reports, make treatment or intervention recommendations, or liaise with external agencies and institutions on your behalf. We also offer

  • Assessment of personality in all age groups
  • Assessment of school readiness in children
  • Clinical assessments (for example, depression, anxiety, etc.) in all age groups
  • Assessment of learning difficulties in children, adolescents and young adults
  • Assessment of intelligence (I.Q) in all age groups
  • Assessment of general behaviour in all age groups
  • Assessment of cognitive disorders
  • Assessment of cognitive functioning and cognitive abilities in all age groups

Career Guidance

  • A gift to a child to choose his career path, an advice which will help him build his future. At NEA Life we answer all your career related questions. A systematic procedure to find your right path, which includes:
  • Career Assessments: A series of psychometric career test for all levels to scientifically & holistically access your
    • Personality
    • Interests
    • Aptitude
    • Adjustment and
    • Intelligence
  • Helps secondary and higher secondary students explore career paths
  • Helps college students clarify their career direction and make informed decisions in selecting coursework
  • Helps career changers obtain clarity in their future career path and to understand if they have the desired abilities and work values that will support their new career path.

Counselling Services

Our approach to your well-being initiates by highlighting the emotional and intellectual experience, how you are feeling and what you think about the problem you have sought help for.

Psychotherapies sessions as per your need, helps you become aware of your environment and to become conscious to experiences which you were previously unaware of.

Trained psychotherapists will provide a solution to your problems, reach out to us we will hold hand towards the light.

Remedial Teaching

It’s our multifaceted approach in helping the students at the earliest age possible. We understand the difficulties faced by the children during their educational journey. If any learning disability remains unaddressed it may affect his future.

We provide Remedial sessions which aims to improve a skill or ability in each student. Our team consists of special educators, occupational therapist, audiologists, speech therapists, remedial teachers, identifies child’s problematic areas and formulated individual education program (IEP) and by using various techniques, guide each student through the educational process.

  • Learning disability is not always a product of low intelligence, a student having average or higher intellectual ability might struggle in areas like writing, reading or mathematics. Also a child could be experiencing reduced attention and concentration span which contributes in learning disability.
  • We follow a standard procedure for assessments and interventions, which includes world class psychometric testing to identify learning disability, attention and concentration issues in the child and accordingly provide the specially designed remedial services.

Workshop and assessments for industrial setup, for motivation, Better performance and well-being of employees.

NEA life believes in improving the quality of mental health of the employees, we understand the need of the companies, where employees performance determines there growth. Nea Life offers various psychological assessments, which helps in recruiting candidates and also track their performance.

NEA life also offers workshops which focuses on the corporate culture and mental health enabling participants to understand themselves through their own experiences.

We help in identifying leaders and provide necessary ingredients to flourish leadership skills in them. Also helps in reducing employee’s psychological distress, promoting emotional and mental wellbeing, and provide mental health practices.

Following are the training workshops topics:

  • Stress Management
  • Emotional and Mental Health
  • Assertiveness
  • Goal Setting
  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Motivation
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Conflict Management
  • Gender sensitization
  • Sexual harassment

Mental Health Skill Development Programs, Certified by the Government of India.

Skill Enhancement in Mental Health

NEA Life and PAI collaborative designed educational skill courses to improve the quality of life and provide support.
The course mentioned below are affiliated by the government of India, ministry of skill development and entrepreneurship. NIESBUD. And also affiliated with the national career service portal.

The objective of the courses are:

  • To work as mental health profession, be a school counsellors, career & guidance counsellors in colleges, candidate can start his/her own center
  • Candidate will have ability to use different psychometric tool and interpret them.

The courses are as follows:

  • Mental Health Worker
  • Counselling Course
  • Certificate Course in Counselling Skills
  • Marriage and Family Counselling

Details of the course:

  1. The duration of this course is 300 hours.
  2. The courses are regular as well as weekend.
  3. Syllabus of the course is provide by the government of India,
  4. This course is certified by the government of India, under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (NIESBUD)
  5. Study Material/notes will be provided.
  6. Theory/visit/ and practicum is included in the course content.

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+91 96234 45638

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B-814, 3rd floor, NEA Life Demech House, Near German Bakery Law College Road Pune-411004

No one has ever
become poor by Giving

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