About Us

NEA Life centre for Behavioural Sciences and Skill development is a value based behavioural science division of CLR Skills Training Foundation. The centre is committed to understand, develop, Assess and apply behavioural sciences principles to nurture the wellbeing of humankind through continuous learning, training, evaluation and feedback, related to various fields of applied psychometry, counselling psychology, psychotherapy, mental health, competency mapping, leadership development, cognitive sciences, child development, social psychology, positive psychology etc.

With the purpose of serving nation through nurturing wellbeing to developing competencies in the various stakeholders of the society and workforce, NEA life has established a centre with acquired best facility and expertise in the behavioural sciences. NEA Life caters best behavioural, Educational and Human resource practices for corporates, schools and society in general. NEA Life pursues to encourage research in Indian psychometry, assessment and counselling and training.

Vision and mission

NEA Life envisions being a leading behavioural science institute to serve the nation with best behavioural sciences services. To benefit corporates and schools to understand and provides better learning, nurturing, achieving environment to promote well-being.
We aim to achieve this by fulfilling the following objectives:


  1. To provide and strengthen the psychometric assessment across country in various areas of life with special emphasis on Indian standardised Norms.
  2. To assure truthful assessment and interventions of personality, Skills & competencies, cognitive strengths and weakness, Aptitudes, Learning abilities, intelligence, performance mapping and design growth and progression plan.
  3. To provide training and research assistance to Human resource professionals, mental health and behavioural sciences professional, teachers, students, schools, NGOs, Colleges, corporates and other organizations on mental health, performance enhancement, stress management, competency development, and understanding various aspects and scopes of human behaviour.
  4. To extend counselling and intervention services for behavioural, professional, personal, and social issues through qualified and well trained behavioural scientist and mental health professional across India.
  5. To focus research and development of new psychometric test based on Indian requirements and local standards and norms.