Training and Workshops

  • Parents: Healthy parenting provides children the environment conducive to their growth and development.

    ‘Rational parenting’ training programme is exclusively for parents whose children are in the age group of 2.5 years to 18 years. Other programmes are listed below:
    1. Anger management
    2. Stress management
    3. Assertively management
    4. Awareness about sexual harassment act

  •  Children:Children require training for career planning, develop and emphasize on knowing oneself and developing personality.

    Create a support system for students to focus on self-motivation, self-confidence. This includes following techniques of concentration and memorizing:
    1. Effective study skills and handling exam anxiety
    2. Personality development.
    3. Adolescence age– To know myself in a new aspect.
    4. Goal setting.
    5. Prevention from addiction.

  • Teachers: Proper training for teachers to understand student’s grasping power and knowing that each child is unique will help them to modify their teaching skills.
    1. Teachers training programs.
    2. Time management and other workshops

    Conducting different sessions through focus group discussions, presentations, role-plays, games and simulations.
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