Mamasaheb Mahol Vidyalaya, Warje – Health check up and personality development

The personality development workshop at the school made an impact on students about self realization and ideas of inner beauty. It made them understand and develop in them good and bad habits and the power of control on their thoughts.

A health check up for 7th, 8th and 9th standard girls was also conducted where in the girls underwent basic check up and got thorough lessons to live clean and healthy.

Urawade – Prevention of addiction

The addiction prevention workshop made the 11th and 12th standard students clearly understand the phenomenon of addiction and the need to adopt in one’s self the maturity and not giving way to peer pressures ruining one’s life.

Chakan – Handle Exam anxiety

Exam anxiety workshop was held to help 10th standard students understand exam pressure where they were trained in effective study skills making them well equipped to face the challenge of examination and study without any pressure of parents.

Montessori teachers training

The training assisted teachers to handle issues related to daily school matters and concurrently making them self motivated. Understanding the significance of time management enabled them to explain better the knowledge, values and attitude to students in a simpler way.

Women’s day celebration

Women’s day celebration seemed to encourage every woman to achieve their goals irrespective of difficulties and adversities. 1150 women were a part of the celebration and were trained for self awareness, career aspirations and personality development.

There were various awards for the women related to various fields like wildlife, singing, entertainment, promotion of skill. This type of talent appreciation motivated the women.

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